Halloumi, quinoa and kale salad

On the menu tonight was halloumi, quinoa and kale salad.

When I was about ten years old I heard two of my friends discussing what they were saving their pocket money for, one of them told the other she was saving her money for some halloumi. I had never heard of halloumi before so I asked them what it was. When they explained it was a type of cheese I was confused but my friends assured me that this was no normal cheese, it was the best cheese ever invented, I was still confused but I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until about a year later that I realised just how right my friends were. It was at a family barbeque that I had my first encounter with halloumi and I immediately decided that this was the most amazing cheese ever to be made!

Tomatoes and some homegrown mint.

This recipe was from issue number seven from Donna Hay Fresh and Light magazine. As halloumi is so expensive we don’t get it much, so tonight’s dinner was a rare treat. If you want to make this dinner more affordable or you are dairy free, you could substitute the halloumi for a fried egg. Trust me, this will be your favourite way to eat kale and your favourite way to eat quinoa. This dinner is a bit fiddly so if you are like me and take forever to cook anything you might want to allocate some extra time to make it but the end result was delicious!

Boiling quinoa.
Homegrown Kale.


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