Wild pork and pak choi dumplings with stir-fried vegetables


For the first seven years of my life my family lived in a big community house with lots of other adults. They all shared the cooking and naturally some nights were better than others. One of my favourite nights was when we had  hot pot or huǒguō, which was cooked by two of the adults we lived with, both of whom were chinese. Another food I was introduced to  by the same adults was dumplings. Throughout the rest of my life dumplings have been one of my favourite foods.

Some of our dumplings with soy sauce.

Last week mum said something about pork mince in the freezer and the idea immediately came to me, “dumplings!”. So tonight, my family finally had dumplings for dinner.  I used this  recipe but , with a little help (thanks mum!), I modified it so that I could use the pak choi from our garden. I made the fillings and my family helped to fold and cook the dumplings. We had a few struggles along the way, let’s just say mum’s strengths are definitely not in the dumpling folding area, but they turned out pretty good. We made a dipping sauce with mint and coriander from the garden and mum made a stir-fry with a massive marrow from our neighbor’s garden ( it was supposed to be a tennis ball zucchini but they were on holiday and dad got round to picking it a little to late so it was more of a basketball zucchini). But the end result was a delicious picnic dinner, good job team!

Some coriander and chilies for the sauce.
Homegrown pak choi.


My sister, Iris, folding a dumpling, she was a darn sight better than my mum at it   
Dad enjoying the stir-fry there.
I think my cat wanted to try some.
The finished product.

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